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Tax the 1% Protest

Tax the 1% Protest

The tax code is rigged for the 1%. Not only do corporations like Bank of America get away with dodging taxes, the millionaire CEOs of these unpatriotic companies get a fat tax refund each year thanks to the Bush tax cuts. But we've had enough, and the 99% is fighting back to make millionaires and corporations pay their fair share.

As millions of people file their taxes on Tax Day, April 17, we're organizing "Tax the 1%" protests to express our outrage that the rich and corporations aren't paying their fair share to help rebuild the economy.

We'll march, rally, and protest at big, tax-dodging banks and corporations and throughout our communities to highlight the disparity in the tax code for the 99% compared to the 1%.

Taxing the 1% is the quickest way to rebuild our economy so that it works for all of us—sign up for an event near you or organize your own by clicking here.

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