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Make Wall Street Pay Action

Make Wall Street Pay Action

The economy is broken. One out of every six Americans lives in poverty. The rich are getting richer and the middle class and poor doing worse. Meanwhile, Wall Street and the top 1% are getting record bonuses, earning record profits, and still refusing to pay their fair share. It's immoral, unfair, and it's destroying the American Dream.

Across the country we are taking to the streets to show our anger and to hold Wall Street accountable.That's why on Saturday, November 5, we will take action against the biggest offenders on Wall Street: Bank of America, Chase, and other Wall St. banks. We'll demonstrate that we refuse to support their businesses if they do not support us and America by paying their fair share.

We'll visit their corporate headquarters, local branches, and town plazas with our message: Make Wall Street Pay! If they do not support the 99%, we'll move our money elsewhere, damaging their business and their brand. By making Wall Street pay we're one step closer to economic justice and a country where the American Dream is a reality.

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