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Media Action: Fight the News Cuts

MoveOn Media Action is a new project of Civic Action – a 501(c)(4) distinct from’s political action committee. MoveOn Media Action empowers regular people to reform the media and fight back when news organizations abandon their journalistic duty to be a vigilant watchdog for the public. It was formed because members felt this was an important priority for the organization. Sign Up

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Reverse the Tribune Company's staff cuts at these major papers. As corporate owners reap large profits, there is no excuse for them to force local papers to abandon their responsibility to deliver strong watchdog journalism to the public. Sign MoveOn Media Action's local petitions to these newpapers and their corporate owners:

UPDATE: MoveOn Media Action Confronts Tribune Company CEO Over Newspaper Cutbacks

On December 7, MoveOn Media Action members delivered 45,000 petition signatures to the CEO of the Chicago-based Tribune Company. The petitions were signed by consumers in 8 Tribune newspaper markets who object to deep cuts in newspaper staff across the country. These cuts hurt the ability of reporters to deliver quality journalism, and they were made despite a Tribune publishing division profit of $585.9 million through September – an increase from last year.