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Global Candlelight Vigil for Peace: Sunday, March 16 -- 7:00 PM

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Click here to see more pictures from vigils as they come in.

Last night, around the world, a wave of light was accompanied by a sense of peace, hope, and commitment. Despite the gathering of darkness and the possible impending war, over 6000 vigils worldwide showed that people everywhere are resolved to wage peace and not war. Thank you for your reports and photos, your efforts, and your commitment. MoveOn volunteers, helping to sift through emails, have received thousands of emails in the last 24 hours. We are both grateful and overwhelmed by the scope of this event. Together we are making a difference and regardless of the immediate outcome, we will succeed. There is no force like people united in their desire for peace. We will be in touch soon and in the meantime, we're posting new photos often.

-- Sincerely,
   MoveOn vigil volunteers

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Reverend Robert Edgar, and other religious leaders call for candlelight vigils around the world on march 16th to say yes to peace -- and no to war with Iraq.

It appears that the Bush administration will fail to win Security Council support for war, and world public opinion has been a key part of this. Help keep up the pressure by attending, or scheduling, a candlelight vigil on Sunday in your area. and the Win Without War coalition, together with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many faith-based organizations, are calling for this global vigil -- and we need your help.

Beginning in New Zealand, this will be a rolling wave of candlelight gatherings that will quickly cross the globe. It's up to you to make this happen. Today we are asking individuals, like you, to organize a vigil in each community. We're hoping that thousands of small groups around the world will be inspired to come together and stand for peace. It's time for the world to come together in this moment of darkness and rekindle the light of reason -- and of hope. It's time to renew our commitment to building a positive world for our children.

With your help, we will see the first candlelight vigil to sweep around the globe on the evening of March 16th. Together, we will lead the nations of the world away from an unnecessary war and toward a peaceful and prosperous future.

This is a key moment in history. Be a part of it.


--The MoveOn Team
Carrie, Eli, Joan, Peter, Wes, Zack

PS: If you have a digital camera, please take photos of your vigil. Crop and resize your photos to fit on a Web page and send them in .jpg format to: Civic Action