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Create a new vigil in your area

Use this page to schedule a candlelight vigil in your area that others will be able to sign up for. You must read this page carefully and enter all required info below. More information and detailed instructions will arrive in an email after you have submitted the form below.

Thousands of vigils will take place on Sunday. Here's how to make yours a success:

1) Email your friends to invite them to your vigil. Ask them to email their friends as well. Other MoveOn and “Win Without War” members will also be able to sign up to come to your vigil. So you will probably be joined by many others in your community. But if you bring your friends, then you'll be sure to have a good-sized group.

2) Contact your local media and tell them about the vigils you plan to attend.

3) Take photos -- if you have a digital camera. Crop and resize your photos to fit on a Web page and send them in .jpg format to: Civic Action

4) Follow the vigil ground rules:

  • This is a peaceful vigil, not a rally. The power of this event lies in its numbers and its silence. The tone of these vigils is somber and strong.
  • Ignore counter protesters or hecklers. Inevitably, at a few events, a few counter protesters will show up, or a few people will turn up to give your group a hard time. Remember: "If you ignore them, they will go away." They are trying to get a reaction out of you. Don't give them one. Ignore them and watch them disappear.

I agree to the ground rules. (Required)

By creating a vigil, you become the coordinator of that vigil.

Responsibilities of coordinators include:
  • Bring extra candles. Everyone who signs up will be asked to bring their own. But you should bring plenty of extras.
  • Bring paper cups. Paper cups are used to shield hands from dripping wax and candle flames from the wind. Make a hole in the bottom of the cups and put the candles through.
  • Bring lighters. Matches won't work in the wind.
  • Show leadership in the unlikely event of a conflict. Of course, you can rely on others in your group for help with that. They will be told to follow your lead in the event of a problem, so you should ask for help from your group if you need it.

I agree to take on the responsibilities of being a coordinator. (Required)

You will be emailed a link to your "coordinator page". That page will give you all the information and instructions you need to help make your vigil a success. That page will give you the email addresses and some phone numbers of the people who sign up for your vigil.

It is important that we have your current information:

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vigil details:

* Date:
Sunday, March 16, 2003  
* Time:
7:00 PM (local time)  
* Place name:
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Enter a further description of the vigil location (so that people will know exactly where to meet, if there's any question):
Also, feel free to include plans for before or after leafleting. Example: "After the vigil, we will be gathering at Joe's Diner to warm up with some hot chocolate."

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Problems? Questions?
First: Read the F.A.Q.
Then: email

Privacy Policy:

We will not provide your contact information to any other organization except the MoveOn Political Action Committee unless specifically authorized by you. Civic Action will update you on campaign initiatives by email. We expect email will be a crucial organizing tool in this effort, but we will do our best to respect your time and attention. You can remove yourself from the list at any time.