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We never thought we'd see the day, but it's come: we're working together with the Christian Coalition. You read that right—the Christian Coalition has joined everyone from Google to MoveOn to the Gun Owners of America in the fight for Internet freedom. The momentum is on our side.

Internet companies like AT&T have been trying to win this fight by telling Republicans in Congress this is just a left-wing issue. But MoveOn and the Christian Coalition have designed a full-page New York Times ad to expose the truth: people across the spectrum are united behind Internet freedom! If we get that message out, we win.

The ad will cost $70,000 to run. If 2,000 of us give $35 each, we'll be there. Plus, every dollar you give will be matched by a generous bequest. Can you contribute?

MoveOn is entirely member-funded by thousands of contributions.You may also contribute by check.

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